7115 business studies mark scheme

It shows the basis on which Examiners were initially instructed to award marks.

7115 business studies mark scheme

It shows the basis on which Examiners were initially instructed to award marks.

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Any substantial changes to the mark scheme that arose from these discussions will be recorded in the published Report on the Examination.

Mark schemes must be read in conjunction with the question papers and the Report on the Examination. The minimum marks in these components needed for various grades were previously published with these mark schemes, but are now instead included in the Report on the Examination for this session.

Do you think Patel Fashions should introduce capital-intensive methods of production? Advantages of capital-intensive — increased productivity; greater output; improved quality; lower cost per unit. Disadvantages — cost of equipment; cost of making workers redundant; increased training costs; more skilled workers required; may be reduced morale.

7115 business studies mark scheme

Decision justified as to whether capital-intensive methods should be introduced. Decision made as to whether capital-intensive methods should be introduced.

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Do you think it would it be wise for the company to depend on one customer so much? Advantages — bulk order; lower administration costs; stable customer which is not likely to go bankrupt. Disadvantages — dictated to by large supplier; if order is lost then major difficulties for business; large customer may be slow to pay leading to cash-flow problems.

Level 2 Level 1 Application 2 marks Well applied to sports clothing. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of TWO methods of communication Patel Fashions can use to communicate with Nife. Letter, telephone, meeting, email, video-conferencing. Email — cheap, quick to send, permanent record, can be sent to many but do not know when communication has been received, may not be confidential.

Letter — can be kept confidential, permanent record, complicated details can be included but no opportunity for direct feedback. Telephone — information can be given quickly, immediate feedback but may take longer to contact person, cannot see body language.

How would you advise Patel Fashions on how they could make sure that its football shirts are of high quality?

Quality control involves checking garments at the end of the process or part way through to make sure that there are no defects. If there are defects then the production can be stopped and the fault corrected. TQM is where all employees are engaged in the checking of garments to make sure each stage of the process has no faults.

Any errors can be corrected immediately before the garments are finished. All four elements of the marketing mix applied to the case study. Choice of element clearly justified e. Level 2 Level 1 Knowledge marks Three or elements of marketing present.

MARK SCHEME for the May/June question paper BUSINESS STUDIES initiativeblog.com

Application marks Three or four elements of the marketing mix applied to the case study. Evaluation 2 marks Good judgement shown as to the suitability of the marketing mix. All four elements fit together as a clear strategy. All four elements do not fit together.

Would you advise Patel Fashions to recruit new fully trained workers or retrain the existing production workers? Advantages of new fully trained workers — already trained therefore saves on training costs; will have experience from other businesses. Advantages of retraining existing workers — increased morale; already know the workers; no redundancy to pay these workers.

Disadvantages of either should be credited. Decision made and justified as to which might be best. Explain the benefits to both Patel Fashions and the production workers of the production workers being members of a trade union.

Benefits of membership to employees: Explanation of reasons for membership:BUSINESS STUDIES /12 Paper 1 May/June 1 Hour 45 Minutes Candidates Answer On The Question Paper. No Additional Materials Are Required.

READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST Write Your Centre Number, Candidate MARK SCHEME For The May/June Question Paper For The Guidance Of Teachers BUSINESS STUDIES /12 Paper 12 (Short Answer.

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MARK SCHEME for the October/November series BUSINESS STUDIES /12 Paper 1 (Short Answer/Structured Response), maximum raw mark This mark scheme is published as an aid to teachers and candidates, to indicate the requirements of the examination.

It shows the basis on which Examiners were instructed to award marks. It does not.

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