Aluminium commentary

The company investigated sources of large quantities of cheap electricity needed to reduce the alumina recovered from the bauxite into aluminium. InConZinc reached an agreement with the government for it to build a smelter and power station using the hydroelectric capacity of Lake Manapouri and Lake Te Anau.

Aluminium commentary

From aircraft to tableware, aluminium forms an important and ubiquitous part of our lives. The evidence for its supposed Aluminium commentary is weak, if not non-existent. People on dialysis who have been exposed to higher than normal aluminium levels in their dialysis fluid also show a range of adverse effects, including damage to the brain and the nervous system.

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And you can show neurotoxic effects in animals at lower but still substantial concentrations, if you inject aluminium directly into the brain. But the vast majority of us will never be exposed to such Aluminium commentary concentrations of aluminium as in these cases. Our exposures will come from drinking water, food, antacid tablets and rubbing antiperspirant with aluminium on our skin.

These salts are surprisingly hard to get into the body; only 0. So you need to go to some effort to get toxic levels of aluminium from these sources.

Indeed, according to the results of long-term animal studies you need to consume around 10, times the amount of aluminium in our water supplies to see the beginnings of neurotoxicity. Even if you were chewing antacids every day while rubbing antiperspirants all over yourself, you would still not have enough aluminium in your system to suffer from neurotoxicity.

So, while animal studies are all very well, is there any evidence from humans that our modest consumption of aluminium over long periods of time is toxic?

Almost immediately, people selling stainless steel cookware seized on this result to promote their pots over aluminium ones we were buying new cookware at this time, and I had some interesting discussions with these people. This protein binds metals including aluminium, but it binds copper, zinc and iron more strongly.

Breast cancer In breast cancer, the upper outer quadrant of the breast is more likely to be the site where tumours first appear than anywhere else.

Aluminium and health

Since this quadrant is closest to the lymphatic drainage from the armpit, people have leapt to the conclusion that aluminium from application of antiperspirants is the culprit.

But the incidence of tumours is directly related to the amount of breast tissue, and that quadrant happens to have the most breast tissue.

Epidemiological data is rather sparse, but what little there is makes the aluminium-breast cancer link unlikely. A study found no correlation between aluminium containing antiperspirant use and breast cancer.

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A more recent meta-analysis found few high-quality studies, but those they found showed no evidence of an antiperspirant link to breast cancer. So, aluminium and breast cancer, highly unlikely. Everyone involved wants to know why these diseases strike.

These are complex diseases, with complex and still poorly understood causes, but we can be pretty certain that the aluminium in antiperspirants is not one of those causes.Aluminium smelting is a conversion business and “margins have just collapsed overnight,” according to Gundersen.

And that applies to smelters in the United States as much as anywhere else. It is a testament to the newsworthiness of its President that we now accumulate as many notes for the US section of this commentary as we do for the UK.

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As above, Donald Trump slapped tariffs on imports of steel and aluminium, with China responding over Easter by imposing tariffs on a . JIS H – Aluminium and aluminium alloy sheets and plates, strips and coiled sheets JIS H – Oxygen free copper sheet, plate, strip, seamless pipe .

Aluminium commentary

cases of bimetallic corrosion occur in solutions containing dissolved oxygen and in most neutral and alkaline liquids the primary cathodic reaction is the reduction of dissolved oxygen.

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Aluminium commentary

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