An analysis of french canadian ethnicity in massachusetts and the blackstone valley

Economy[ edit ] Nationally, the primary income is the sale of fishing rights to foreign nations that harvest tuna using huge purse seiners.

An analysis of french canadian ethnicity in massachusetts and the blackstone valley

The River Severn runs through the middle of the city, overlooked by the 12th-century Worcester Cathedral. History Occupation of the site of Worcester can be dated back to Neolithic times. A village surrounded by defensive ramparts was founded on the eastern bank of the River Severn at around BC.

The position, which commanded a ford on the river, was used in the 1st century by the Romans to establish what may at first have been a fort on the military route from Glevum Gloucester to Viroconium Wroxeter but which soon developed — as the frontier of the empire was pushed westwards — into an industrial town with its own pottery kilns and iron-smelting plants.

Roman Worcester which may have been the Vertis mentioned in the 7th-century Ravenna Cosmography was a thriving trading and manufacturing centre for some three hundred years, though by the time of the Roman withdrawal from Britain in it had dwindled considerably in size and is not recorded again until the mid-7th century when documents mention the Anglo-Saxon settlement Weorgoran ceaster settlement of the people by the winding river.

The fact that Worcester was chosen at this time — in preference to both the much larger Gloucester and the royal centre of Winchcombe — to be the Episcopal See of a new diocese covering the area suggests that there may have been a well established, and powerful, Christian community living on the site when it fell into English hands.

The town was almost destroyed in after a rebellion against the punitive taxation of Harthacanute. During this time, the townsfolk relocated to and at times were besieged at the nearby Bevere Island, 2 miles upriver.

The following century, the town then better defended was attacked several times inand during "The Anarchy", i. This is the background to the well-researched historical novel The Virgin in the Ice, part of Ellis Peters' "Cadfael" series, which begins with the words: These are mentioned as having arrived from Gloucester, leaving a long lasting legacy of bitterness between the two cities.

By late medieval times the population had grown to around 10, as the manufacture of cloth started to become a large local industry. The town was designated a county corporate, giving it autonomy from local government. Worcester was the site of the Battle of Worcester 3 Septemberwhen Charles II attempted to forcefully regain the crown, in the fields a little to the west and south of the city, near the village of Powick.

However, Charles II was defeated and returned to his headquarters in what is now known as King Charles house in the Cornmarket, before fleeing in disguise to Boscobel House in Shropshire from where he eventually escaped to France.

An analysis of french canadian ethnicity in massachusetts and the blackstone valley

Worcester was one of the cities loyal to the King in that war, for which it was given the epithet "Fidelis Civitas" "The Faithful City".

This motto has been incorporated into the city's coat of arms. Inthe River Severn broke its banks and the subsequent flood was the worst ever seen by Worcester.

A brass plate can be found on a wall on the path to the cathedral by the path along the river showing how high this flood went, and other flood heights of more recent times are also shown in stone bricks. The closest flood height to what is known as The Flood of was when the Severn flooded in the torrential rains of July A handful of decorators are still employed at the factory and the Museum is still open.

During the late 18th and early 19th centuries, Worcester was a major centre for glove making, employing nearly half the glovers in England at its peak over 30, people.


In the Worcester and Birmingham Canal opened, allowing Worcester goods to be transported to a larger conurbation. While most of the Royal Infirmary has now been demolished to make way for the University of Worcester's new city campus, the original Georgian building has been preserved.

One of the old wards opened as a medical museum, The Infirmary, in There were sections for exhibits of fine arts over paintingshistorical manuscripts and industrial items. The number of visitors is recorded asSome of the profit from the exhibition was used to build the Victoria Institute in Foregate Street, Worcester.

This was opened on 1 October and now houses the library and museum. Further information about the exhibition can be found at the museum.

An analysis of the rise of the international business

During World War II, the city was chosen to be the seat of an evacuated government in case of mass German invasion. The War Cabinet, along with Winston Churchill and some In the s and s large areas of the medieval centre of Worcester were demolished and rebuilt as a result of decisions by town planners.

This was condemned by many such as Nikolaus Pevsner who described it as a "totally incomprehensible There is still a significant area of medieval Worcester remaining, but it is a small fraction of what was present before the redevelopments.

The current city boundaries date fromwhen the Local Government Act transferred the parishes of Warndon and St. Peter the Great County into the city. Governance The Conservatives had a majority on the council from towhen they lost a by-election to Labour meaning the council had no overall control.

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An analysis of the rise of the international business

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