An analysis of the influence of french revolution on the 19th century french revolution

Please Rate The Intellectual movement known as the Enlightenment occupies an important position in the growth of Western civilization. How it totally affected society, especially French society is a subject of debate, from the beginning of the Revolution to today.

An analysis of the influence of french revolution on the 19th century french revolution

First, the cultural values of the revolution will be identified. Then, the different aspects of Romanticism will be presented.

The cultural values of The French Revolution and Romanticism will then be linked. Finally, literary examples will be shown to support this connection between the two movements.

Before the Revolution, the citizens of France lived in a strict, confined society with no freedom to express their feelings.

Revolution and the growth of industrial society, 1789–1914

They wanted a voice in a stable government with a strong economy Johnson and a strong sense of individuality and independence within the people. Moss and Wilson Eighteenth- century literature was much like the society in which it was produced, restrained. Society was divided into privileged and unprivileged classes, Leinward with Eighteenth- century writers focusing on the lives of the upper class.

The Revolution gave the common people and writers more freedom to express feelings and stimulated them to use reason. This lead to new laws and standards for the citizens, including newer, less imposing literary standards.

Romanticism marked a profound change in both literature and thought. About the turn of the century…. The French Revolution had a major impact on the timeline and progression of Romanticism.

The Influence of the French Revolution on 19th Century Literature and Romanticism

The French Revolution provided for many of the problems and basis for many Romantic literary works. First of all, the political change brought by the Revolution, along with the intellectual reverberations brought upon Romanticism. Peyre 59 Alfred de Musset wrote philosophically moving lyrics.

Harvey and Halestine His Hernani helped win the revolt against the classic rules of literature. The French cultural values before and during the revolution have been presented.

An analysis of the influence of french revolution on the 19th century french revolution

The different aspects of Romanticism have been reviewed in detail. Then relations with examples between the Revolution and Romanticism were presented.It is quite difficult to discuss the impact of the French revolution on the French society for the country had difficulty accessing stability in the 19th century.

French economic history since its lateth century Revolution was tied to three major events and trends: the Napoleonic Era, the competition with Britain and its other neighbors in regards to 'industrialization', and the 'total wars' of .

The French Revolution is widely recognized as one of the most influential events of late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century Europe, with far reaching consequences in political, cultural, social, and literary arenas.

Responding to ideas emerging from the French Revolution, Mary Shelley's mother, Mary 19th Century Ideas - The Roots of Revolution. During the s such music became a major influence in popular culture world wide.


18th- and 19th-Century France — Neoclassicism

Aug 03,  · This article explores the impact of imperialism, revolution, and industrialization on 19th-century Europe. In what ways did they transform the continent? revolution far sooner than the countries of Eastern Europe since their populations existed within the boundaries of French influence.

This influence was further Reviews: 2. “The Influence of Ancient Rome on the French Revolution and its potential for class analysis” The French Revolution is not a phenomenon that most historians set out to analyse lightly.

The pivotal procession of events set in motion in with the Estates General, and the Tennis Court Oath, would lead not just too political changes in France, but would reverberate across the world.

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