Cyp 3 3 childcare level 3 guidelines

This qualification provides the skills and experience to develop your career in child care in a wide range of settings.

Cyp 3 3 childcare level 3 guidelines

The stages of development are the same for every child. Although the pattern of development is the same for every child, the rate of development is different for every child because every child is unique and their development is influenced by various factors listed below. It is important to understand this difference so that children who achieve the milestone later are not perceived as poor developers, but instead provide support to promote learning and development in a healthy and safe environment; this standard is set by the Early Year Foundation Stage.

Factors that can influence rate of development include: Personal experiences - some children may have wider exposure to situations, resources and people.

Poverty and deprivation - low income family will have fewer opportunities to engage in healthy eating, exercising, buying learning tools such as a computers. Family environment and background — some cultures may not allow girls to go to college after leaving school or not allow them to go swimming.

Disability or medical conditions - Child in a wheel chair may not be able to ride a bike or climb a frame or play hop scotch. Some children with respiratory conditions may not attend school regularly, hence fall behind academically. Child whose second language is English may have communication difficulties.

Can you identify other external or personal factors that affect the rate of development? Theories of development and frameworks to support development influence current practice.Cyp Childcare Level 3 Guidelines Essay Words | 9 Pages LEVEL 3 DIPLOMA FOR THE CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE’S WORKFORCE (QCF) GUIDANCE FOR UNDERSTAND HOW TO SAFEGUARD THE WELLBEING OF CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE UNIT CODE: CYP CORE Unit content 1.

Abi is 21 years old and nearing completion of her Level 3 childcare course with Parenta. She currently works at a nursery and a first school in Brewood, Stafford. Children and Young People's Workforce Early Learning and Childcare Level 3 Course 12 Lessons ONLY £ £ We may also have an interest free payment plan on this course, please click on the fees tab for more information.

The Level 3 Diploma for Children and Young People’s Workforce is designed to build the knowledge and skills needed when working with children and young people from birth to 19 years.

It covers a diverse range of job roles and occupational areas and is split into two pathways.

Cyp 3 3 childcare level 3 guidelines

BTEC Apprenticeship Assessment Workbook Level 3 Child Care 3. SAFE ROUTINES IN CHILDCARE SETTINGS This section will support you in demonstrating your understanding of the importance of childcare routines.

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The main focus here is on your skills to plan for and carry out everyday routines with. From 3 April , the requirement for Level 3 Early Years Educators (EYE) to hold GCSE English and maths A*-C, will be broadened to Level 2 qualifications, including Functional Skills.

This will also apply to an apprenticeship route.

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