Econ 1p91 term paper

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Econ 1p91 term paper

Strategies and payoff functions. Static and dynamic games of complete or incomplete information. Convexity concepts, fixed points for correspondences and minimax. Core and Shapley value of a game.

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The classical model and its extensions such as auto correlation and heteroscedasticity. Model specification and introduction to dynamic models. Theory and application of the regression model including a variety of practical examples.

Lectures, lab, 4 hours per week. Topics may include sets and relations, matrix algebra, differential calculus, multivariate optimization without constraints and constrained optimization.

Lectures, tutorial, 4 hours per week. Topics include the gains from trade, specialization, determinants of trade flows and impacts of tariffs and quotas.

Lectures, 3 hours per week. International capital flows, interest rate arbitrage and exchange rates. International asset portfolio diversification. ECON 3P95 Topics in Applied Econometrics Topics may include time series econometrics, simultaneous equation model, unit root problem, trend modelling in economic time series, co-integration, Granger causality testing, vector auto regressions and dummy dependent variable models.

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Emphasis on measurement of non-market activities such as benefits from environmental improvements and valuation of unemployed resources.

Discussion of problems not readily solved using standard analytics. Computational techniques, with actual applications providing experience as alternatives.

Topics include numerical equation solving, function evaluation, root finding, optimization or simulation of games, dynamic general equilibrium, models with uncertainty.

ECON 3Q91 Mathematical Methods in Economics Topics may include propositional logic, theory of proofs, relations, properties of functions, constrained optimization, and techniques for integration and differential equations.Purchasing Power Disparity During the Floating Rate Period: Exchange Rate Volatility, Trade Barriers and Other Culprits.


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3. You are allowed to have one " x 11" sheet of notes with you at your seat and to use a calculator. You are not allowed to use any other books, notes, etc.

ECON 1P MATH 1P ASTR 1P MATH 1P ECON 1P SCIE 1P51 Midterm Exam Study Guide SCIE 1P51 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Term Paper, Sample Size Determination OneClass Temporary access cards are available from 9 am to 5pm to access restricted areas of cairins building.

Midterms and Exams are multiple choice.

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Introduction to microeconomics. Topics include nature of economics, price system, demand, production and cost, markets and pricing, factor pricing and distribution of income.

Synopsis Microeconomics is the study of the mechanisms by which goods and services are produced and distributed among individuals.

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Econ 1p91 term paper
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