Essay on a scene in the examination hall

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Essay on a scene in the examination hall

These days, examinations are a game of chance, a mere gamble, held in the hot season when the examinees feel the worst and the weakest.

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The young blooming buds of this human garden can often be seen with wearied looks tense and worried expression and pale faces, with a heap of books by their side, preparing for the examination.

But so long as the present system of education exists, these examinations are inevitable and unavoidable. Examinations are a horror for the young students.

They are the ghosts that take away human happiness, mental peace and calmness and keep an examinee in the grip of tension, worry, agony and disappointed.

They sap the energy, take away the joy and peace of mind.

Essay on a scene in the examination hall

Most of the students start feeling feverish on hearing the name of the examination hall. An examination hall is that terrifying big hall where seating arrangement for he examinees is made.

They get the answer sheets.

Essay on a scene in the examination hall

Sitting silently in their seats, they remember God and pray to help. In the meantime, the students recollect their ideas as the invigilators collect the question paper from the superintendent.

The superintendent does the essential preparation for the commencement of the examination. At the exact time, the invigilators distribute the question and start taking rounds in between the rows.

The intelligent students who know the answers become happy and have a relieved expression. The dull students who do not get the crammed questions feel bad, tense and worried. They look about here and there to see what others are doing or feeling.

For them, time seems to pass within minutes. They ask for more and more continuation sheets to finish their work quickly. A dull student with no creative ideas in his mind remains tense and thinks of using some unfair means to get through the examinations.

He curses his own fate, the examiners; the invigilators and everyone linked with the examination. He looks forward and behind and whenever he gets and opportunity, asks for some help. When caught red-handed, he is punished by the invigilators and a case of using unfair means is framed against him.

The invigilators and the superintendent have a very tough time because they have to keep a vigilant eye on the examinees and fulfill their demands.

The invigilators are on their toes all the time distributing continuation sheets on demand. The waterman serves water to the examinees. The attendants have also a tough time putting stamps, getting the signatures of the students and giving the necessary equipment to the examinees.

Fifteen minutes before the scheduled time of three hours is over, the invigilators ask the students to stitch up their answer-books properly. The examinees become quite active, revise their answer-sheets hurriedly and pack up their things. At the stroke of the bell, they hand over their answer-books and leave the hall.

After leaving the hall, they discuss the questions amongst their friends, tally their answers with the books an create a lot of noise. They are now free birds. They have little to bother about till the result is declared.Essay on “Inside an Examination Hall” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Three Hours in the Examination Hall. Or. Inside an Examination Hall. Essay No. 01 The scene in an examination hall is just a medley of reactions. At the sight of the paper, some are very happy while others look sad and disappointed.

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The Chen Clan Ancestral Hall is an academic temple in Guangzhou, China, built by the 72 Chen clans for their juniors' accommodation and preparation for the imperial examinations in in Qing Dynasty. Passing the RANZCP Exam – Modified Essay (MEQ) and Critical Essay Exam (CEQ) Posted on February 22, The talk covers key aspects and techniques to approach the MEQ’s for the RANZCP Essay Exam.

Candidates are prohibited from bringing into the examination hall any kind of written or printed matter or books etc., or from noting down the answer of any question on the question papers, hall tickets etc. Jul 17,  · We have got a lot of English Essays.

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