Informative speech outline worksheet

Full Answer An informative speech may focus on general information, such as the history of bread, or applicable information, such as teaching the audience how to bake bread. Unlike written informative essays, presentation is a key part of the effectiveness of informative speeches. Speaking too quickly or softly, losing place during the delivery of speech, using obviously biased sources and overloading the audience with information are common pitfalls when delivering an informative speech. An informative speech is different from a persuasive speech because an informative speech provides just the facts and allows the audience to draw their own conclusions.

Informative speech outline worksheet

Introduction Your goal here is to draw us into your speech Attention Material This step helps us focus our attention on you and your message. It is suggested that you begin with a story, quote, statistic, definition, use of suspense, etc.

Tie to Audience This step informs the audience how your speech topic will relate to them. Be specific about how we can USE this information in our everyday lives. Here you will be more specific than in your introduction speech. Credibility Material Here the speaker tells the audience why he or she is credible, can be trusted, knows the materials, etc.

How do you know about this? Why are you interested, etc.?

Informative speech outline worksheet

Here summarize your speech in one sentence and continue by previewing the main points of the speech.: Body Main Point 1 Your main points are the main ideas of your speech. They are "reasons why," "primary types," "steps," etc.

Speeches are organized into main points. I included a space for three main points in this worksheet. However, feel free to modify this format as you see necessary. Subpoint 1 The subpoints are the breakdown of the main point into smaller units. They usually are your examples, narratives, statistics, testimony, etc.

In other words, the subpoints explain the main points.

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You may have subpoints. I have listed three here. Feel free to modify this as you see necessary. Do use the golden rule:INFORMATIVE SPEECH PREPARATION WORKSHEET Name Class time_____ 1.

What is the topic of your speech? Why is it appropriate for you? Does your speech conclusion meet the criteria of the outline in your syllabus? _____ Title: INFORMATIVE SPEECH PREPARATION WORKSHEET.

Informative speech outline worksheet

informative speech preparation worksheet. name section _____ 1. Informative Speech on Bullying; Informative Speech on Bullying.

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Informative Speech on Smoking. Words | 8 Pages. Outline Worksheet: Informative Speech Title: The Failure of Yucca Mountain Speaker: Michelle Hwang Specific Purpose: To explain the intended purpose of Yucca Mountain as a potential nuclear waste .

There are four basic patterns of organization for an informative speech. You can choose any of these patterns based on which pattern serves the needs of your speech.

A speech organized chronologically has main points oriented toward time. For example, a speech about the Farm Aid benefit concert. A proper essay outline template example will generally start with introduction on your topic followed by points & examples to be discussed in essay body -and finally you will prepare a gist on the discussions above for conclusion.

8+ Informative Speech Examples When you need to educate a given audience about a certain aspect through a speech, you need an information speech.

The function of an information speech is to prevent the people from straying from .

8+ Informative Speech Examples | Sample Templates