Mac 313 critical writing and reviewing the situation

Growing up in rural Hunan, Mao described his father as a stern disciplinarian, who would beat him and his three siblings, the boys Zemin and Zetanas well as an adopted girl, Zejian. Learning the value systems of Confucianismhe later admitted that he didn't enjoy the classical Chinese texts preaching Confucian morals, instead favouring popular novels like Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Water Margin. Mao refused to recognise her as his wife, becoming a fierce critic of arranged marriage and temporarily moving away. Luo was locally disgraced and died in

Mac 313 critical writing and reviewing the situation

Renaissance period[ edit ] Interpretations of Hamlet in Shakespeare's day were very concerned with the play's portrayal of madness.

The play was also often portrayed more violently than in later times. The procession of mad courtiers and ladies in Jacobean and Caroline drama frequently appears indebted to Hamlet. Other aspects of the play were also remembered.

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Looking back on Renaissance drama inAbraham Wright lauds the humor of the gravedigger's scene, although he suggests that Shakespeare was outdone by Thomas Randolphwhose farcical comedy The Jealous Lovers features both a travesty of Ophelia and a graveyard scene.

Theatres were closed under the Puritan Commonwealthwhich ran from — Restoration[ edit ] When the monarchy was restored intheatres re-opened. Early interpretations of the play, from the late 17th to early 18th century, typically showed Prince Hamlet as a heroic figure.

On the one hand, Shakespeare was seen as primitive and untutored, both in comparison to later English dramatists such as Fletcher and especially when measured against the neoclassical ideals of art brought back from France with the Restoration.

On the other, Shakespeare remained popular not just with mass audiences but even with the very critics made uncomfortable by his ignorance of Aristotle's unities and decorum. Thus, critics considered Hamlet in a milieu which abundantly demonstrated the play's dramatic viability.

mac 313 critical writing and reviewing the situation

John Evelyn saw the play inand in his Diary he deplored the play's violation of the unities of time and place. Critics disparaged the indecorous range of Shakespeare's language, with Polonius's fondness for puns and Hamlet's use of "mean" i.

Even more important was the question of decorum, which in the case of Hamlet focused on the play's violation of tragic unity of time and place, and on the characters.

Jeremy Collier attacked the play on both counts in his Short View of the Immorality and Profaneness of the English Stagepublished in Comparing Ophelia to Electrahe condemns Shakespeare for allowing his heroine to become "immodest" in her insanity, particularly in the "Flower Scene".

Hamlet in general and Ophelia in particular were defended by Thomas D'urfey and George Drake almost immediately. Drake defends the play's justice on the grounds that the murderers are "caught in their own toils" that is, traps.

In the next decade, Rowe and Dennis agreed with Collier that the play violated justice; Shaftesbury and others defended the play as ultimately moral.

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Even the many critics who defended Hamlet took for granted the necessity of the classical canon in principle. Voltaire 's attack on the play is perhaps the most famous neoclassical treatment of the play; [13] it inspired numerous defenses in England, but these defenses did not at first weaken the neoclassical orthodoxy.

Thus Lewis Theobald explained the seeming absurdity of Hamlet's calling death an "undiscovered country" not long after he has encountered the Ghost by hypothesizing that the Ghost describes Purgatorynot death.During an emergency, response personnel must often deal with confusing and conflicting cues about the current status of hazard agent and its impacts, as well as major uncertainties about the future behavior of the hazard agent and the impacts yet to come.

MAC CRITICAL WRITING & REVIEWING Module 3 Unit 1 Components of Criticism: The Critic Unit 2 Components of Criticism: Direct Data Unit 3 Components of Criticism: Indirect Data Module 4 Unit 1 Writing a Review Unit 2 Writing a Critical Article Unit 3 The Reviewer and the Critic Unit 4 The Critical Writer’s Style Module 5 Unit 1 Reviewing.

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Critical thinking focuses on analyzing and understanding its object. It eliminates, to the extent possible, emotional reactions, except where they become part of an approach or solution. complete this assignment, read through the scenario below and address the specific questions and issues indicated. Review the "Introduction to the Miller Family" document for specific information on each member of the family.

Grandmother Ella has been dealing with cancer for years now and has tried alternative remedies and juicing.

mac 313 critical writing and reviewing the situation
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