Pit stop case study

Related Media Introduction One of the deepest longings of mankind has always been to have communion with a higher being. The priests of ancient cults were held in awe by the common people; Greek cities created their own gods; mystery religions promised communion with a deity through secret rites in a way strikingly similar to the Masons and Mormons. Modern man is a bit more sophisticated, but he still yearns for intimacy with a higher being. Our "gods" nowadays are usually celebrities.

Pit stop case study

By Arin Greenwood My dog Murray and I were taking our usual amble through town the other day, when we came upon a puppy we hadn't seen before.

I don't know a lot of my human neighbors, but I've got a pretty comprehensive roster of all the dogs around town. We stopped to get to know this little golden bundle of wiggles, but her owner snatched her off.

The thoughts that went through my head directly after this encounter are not printable in a family publication. Here are the thoughts that are: It is truly astonishing how many otherwise progressive people consider their prejudice against pit bulls to be perfectly reasonable, when the data shows it isn't; and 2.

Given that Murray isn't even actually a pit bull, this encounter highlights one of the major reasons that prejudice against pit bulls is extremely problematic: Pit bulls are subjected to an almost unimaginably cruel world, Pit stop case study which they are subjected to every kind of violence -- and then, at the end of it, are euthanized in shelters at shockingly high rates, because families are afraid Pit stop case study bring them home, landlords won't rent to the families who do bring them home and localities impose restrictions on their ownership, despite ample evidence that these restrictions do nothing to improve public safety.

The newest comprehensive examination of dog bite statisticsput out in December by the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, looked at what factors tended to lead to fatal dog bites. These include a dog not being spayed or neutered, dogs being "kept isolated from regular positive human interactions," away from the rest of the family, and dog owners having histories of abusing their pets.

Some pit bulls bite, of course, just like some of any breed of dog will bite.

Pit stop case study

And the media may be more likely to report a pit bull's bite, or the person bitten may be more likely to think the dog that bit them is a pit. What the JAVMA study shows, though, is that breed is specifically found not to be a factor in the likelihood of a fatal dog bite. Yes, some old studies show that pit bulls are more likely to bite than other dogs.

But those studies have been debunked on a number of grounds -- a big one being that, without genetic testing, which is almost never done, it's very nearly impossible to pick out which dogs are actually pit bulls. Here, try for yourself. I still understand why you might be scared of pit bulls and pit bull type dogs.

These are the vast majority of dogs identified by the media, shelters and nearly everyone as pit bulls: Or maybe you have been reading the near-constant stream of scary newspaper stories ginning up your fear.

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Charlotte Alter, the author of the Time piece, goes so far as to say that pit bull attacks are on the rise because of Hurricane Katrina, which is both a silly claim and a preposterous one: Even Alter notes that the CDC, which conducted the most-cited older study, no longer collects statistics about which breeds are involved with dog bites.

What she doesn't note is that the lead author of the CDC study is one of the researchers responsible for the more recent JAVMA report, which more or less does in the earlier report.

In the Time piece -- which was prompted by what can only be described as a horrific attack on a little girl, by three of her grandfather's dogs; the girl was then kicked out of a KFC because her damaged face was disturbing the other customers SEE UPDATE BELOW -- Alter acknowledges that she hasn't included any information from pit bull advocates, writing that "many pit-bull advocacy organizations, including BAD RAP, did not want to comment for this story.

Here's Scotland Haisley, founder of the Animal Rescue Corpswho has worked in animal welfare for 25 years, is responsible for rehabilitating 11 of the worst-off dogs rescued from Michael Vick's Bad Newz Kennels, and actually rescued dogs from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina: The prevalence of incomplete information, inaccurate statistics and unsubstantiated theories has created a widespread prejudice against the pit bull type dog and only perpetuates the stereotype that aggressive behavior in dogs is a breed-specific problem.

Public wellbeing is compromised and innocent lives pay the price when legislation wrongly incriminates a majority due to the actions of unaccountable and thoughtless individuals.

Breed specific legislation is reactive, ineffective, and fails to make accountable those truly responsible. Here's the more-colorful comedian Rebecca Corry, whose own dog, Angel, was abused by previous owners, and who organized the recent pit bull march on Washington -- called the One Million Pibble Marchpibbles being the affectionate term for pits:Environmental Justice Case Study Marcropper in the Phillippines.

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Pit stop case study

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