Planning is looking ahead and control is looking back

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Planning is looking ahead and control is looking back

How do you justify planning is looking ahead and control is looking back? Planning is Looking Ahead is true because it contributes heavily to success and gives us some control over the future.

By, planning we set aside our tasks and deadlines so we …can enlarge our mental focus and seeing the bigger picture. By, planning we can set our Personal or organizational goals and for this defiantly we have to look ahead.

But, Planning is not ending with such strategies or guidelines. It has relation with Implementation and controls. Because plans are not always proceed as conceived. The control process measures progress towards goal attainment and indicate corrective action if too much deviation is detected.

Controlling investigates whether planning was successful. Controlling referred to as terminal management function, takes place after the other functions have been completed.

Planning is looking ahead and control is looking back

And for this process we have to look back and have to analyze the performance of our planning, organizing and leading. And therefore we have to look back also. So, yes we can say Control is looking back for Investigation, Analysis, and Understandings and for checking our effectiveness and efficiency.

Planning basically involves anticipating the future and allocatingresources beforehand. Control involves taking stock and correctingissues that may have gone badly. Control is looking back?

Planning involves selecting missions and objectives and the actions to achieve them; it requires decision making, which is, choosing from the alternatives available in the fut…ure course of actions.

Plans thus provide a rational approach to achieve preselected objectives.

Report Abuse Why is 'planning' considered looking ahead while 'controlling' is considered going backwards? This can be largely attributed to the negative connotations that the term 'Control' carries in our society, such as it's association with totalitarian rulership, or in the cas…e of business, overly conservative philosophy.
Retirement income planning | ASIC's MoneySmart Answers were Sorted based on User's Feedback 2. Planning is Looking Ahead is true because it contributes heavily to success and gives us some control over the future.
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Planning is looking ahead and control is looking back? Planning is Looking Ahead is true because it contributes heavily to success and gives us some control over the future. Planning is looking ahead and controlling is looking back Planning is a basic managerial function.

It involves deciding on a course of action in advance. Planning is looking ahead means that a good plan will show initiativeblog.coml is looking back means that there is no need for control ifthe plan is followed.

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Planning is looking ahead and control is looking back. justify