Role of forest in prevention of soil erosion

Methods of Soil Conservation: Biological and Engineering Methods Article Shared by The main aims of soil conservation are as follows:

Role of forest in prevention of soil erosion

Soil erosion, demunition of forest and desertification result from land-clearance and over-harvesting. State and explain the undesirable effects of certain agricultural practices in the wise use of our natural resources.

On the farmlands, inappropriate agricultural practices are often adopted by people. These have caused undesirable effects on the environment, including deforestation, soil erosion, desertification and pollution. Deforestation Deforestation refers to the clearance of forests and the conversion of them for non-forest uses, including agriculture, animal grazing, timbering, and urbanization.

Forests may also be destroyed by natural means such as forest fires.

Role of forest in prevention of soil erosion

The forests can often recover gradually after forest fires. However, deforestation sue to human activities tends to be permanent. It is estimated that over half of the original forest cover on the earth has been cleared for these purposes.

Agriculture In many developing countries, the majority of subsistence farmers rely on the forest for food and also shelter. They cut down trees for growing crops. Some farmers cultivate by the combination of shifting culture and slash-and-burn agriculture. They open up an area by cutting down the trees.

The woods are then piled up and burnt, and crops are grown in such ash areas. After the land has been cultivated for several years, the soil becomes infertile. Then they move and clear a new land.

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With the growth in population, cultivation has been the major reason for deforestation. Animal grazing Deforestation also provides open grazing lands for livestock. Trees are always chopped down to allow grass to grow, in order to feed livestock such as sheep and cattle.

After clearance, a land can provide grass for animals up to 20 years.

Preventing Soil Compaction

These practices in developed countries are usually owned by foreign companies. The beef cattle, for example, are raised for export which is highly profitable. They act as a climatic buffer by retaining moisture in the air, cooling down the air, and maintaining the balance of carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere.

They lock up nutrients and maintain their availability to other organisms. They hold the soil and retain rainwater. These help to prevent soil erosion, flooding, sedimentation and water pollution.

Forests are also important as the habitats for a large variety of organisms. The clearance of forests causes great impact on both the environment and humans. These include loss of nutrients availability, soil erosion, flooding, water pollution, hotter and drier weather conditions, global warming, as well as reduction in biodiversity.

Soil erosion Soil erosion is one form of soil degradation by which the topsoil is removed naturally by the wearing actions of rain and wind. Soil erosion may be a slow process and occur at an unnoticed rate.Deforestation, clearance, or clearing is the removal of a forest or stand of trees where the land is thereafter converted to a non-forest use.

Examples of deforestation include conversion of forestland to farms, ranches, or urban use. The most concentrated deforestation occurs in tropical rainforests.

Role of forest in prevention of soil erosion

About 31 percent of Earth's land surface is covered by forests. The loss of trees, which anchor the soil with their roots, causes widespread erosion throughout the tropics.

Only a minority of areas have good soils, which after . Deforestation during the Roman period was a result of the geographical expansion of the Roman Empire, In Chapter 5 ("Roman Soil Erosion") Julius Caesar himself ordered troops to cut down forests to prevent sneak attacks.

43 Role of the Mediterranean Forest in Soil and Water Conservation Jean Albergel, Jean Collinet, Patrick Zante and Hedi Hamrouni In the Mediterranean, soils constitute a fragile component of terrestrial.

Preventing soil erosion is very important, especially if you have a home that is built on the side of the hill.

Types of Erosion by Water:

There are many rural communities where homes are literally built within a forest, and if there are trees on the hills behind door adjacent to their homes, this can help prevent any type of damage. rainforests reduce erosion The roots of rainforest trees and vegetation help anchor the soil.

When trees are cut down there is no longer anything to protect the ground, and soils are .

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