Sample press release and research

Naturally the results themselves should make a press release, but a few simple guidelines can help to make the release a success. Although the main target group for press releases is the press, press releases do reach further. Press releases communicate important information to decision-makers, other mediators, scientists and even to the public.

Sample press release and research

West Palm Beach, Fla. A myriad of salads and dishes - such as falafel, tabouleh, stuffed grape leaves and hommous - dot tables accented by candlelight, creating a collage of Mediterranean fare. Dinner entrees follow and include such delicacies as grilled kefta kebab, shrimp with cilantro, gilled fish and lamb.

After their feast is done, some guests engage in a centuries old rite-of-passage by smoking the arguileh and savoring the smoothness of the fruitful pipe tobacco. Others sip on Turkish coffee and shai tea while marveling at the ancient art of belly dancing.

At the corner of Datura and Dixie in downtown West Palm Beach, one block south of Clematis Street, a cosmopolitan Middle Eastern bistro called Leila will provide discriminating palates with an exotic dining experience when it opens May Featuring Syrian and Lebanese cuisine - which features elements of the Mediterranean diet that is drawing attention for its health benefits - Leila's menu features authentic regional dishes and a vast selection of mezze delights, including silken hommous, hot and crisp falafel, fava bean salad, roasted red pepper dip and baba ghanouj.

Savory grilled chicken, fish and meats compose the entrees, which are served with rice or couscous and vegetable de jour.

Sample press release and research

Roy understands the dining and cultural traditions of the Middle East. He was raised in Damascus and lived in Beirut before embarking for a better life with his mother and siblings in the United States in when he was Assad was skilled in crafting and selling leather goods, and without knowing a word of English, he and his brother found a job two days after arriving in Jersey City, New Jersey via New York City.

Within a year, Assad accepted a filing position at a State Farm Insurance agency owned by Doug Barrett, who served as president of Gideon's International, a non-profit Christian organization.

Interestingly, Barrett knew about Assad's family before they immigrated to the United States. He provided financial support that Assad's mother used for food, clothes and housing for her family.

Sample press release and research

Assad joined Barrett's company inadvancing to a sales position and eventually becoming the nation's top selling State Farm agent. With their three children, they visited several elegant Middle Eastern restaurants in south Florida, New York City and around the world, absorbing the strong points and weak points of each eatery.

After consistently driving more than 30 minutes from West Palm Beach for the nearest Middle Eastern restaurant, they decided to open a "sophisticated eatery with an upbeat and contemporary atmosphere and an exciting menu of Middle Eastern delicacies served with Syrian hospitality at its finest.

Then they designed an interior that showcases contemporary design with interpretations of classic Moroccan Style, integrating natural elements such as fresh flowers, wheat grass, water features, smooth river rocks, jewel tones and carefully selected accents. Believing in the development potential for the Clematis Street District, Assad chose to open Leila in the midst of a downtown West Palm Beach area that is experiencing a renaissance.

Assad, whose corporate headquarters for RBA Strategies is located in the historic Comeau Building on Clematis Street, envisions a time in the near future when the Clematis Street District will bustle with pedestrians flocking to fine dining establishments, trendy boutiques and quaint coffee shops.

We wanted to be a pioneer and be a part of the Clematis Street revitalization at its early stages. Joe Zeytoonian, a renowned musician who has recorded with Gloria Estefan and Shakira, and is well-versed in Middle Eastern fretless stringed instruments, will perform with the electric ud at Leila on Friday evenings.

A professional dance performer and instructor, Dawn Askins will entertain Leila patrons with what perhaps is the Middle East's most mysterious and misperceived art forms - belly dancing - on Thursday and Saturday nights. What Americans know as belly dancing was originally called "Raqs Sharqi rah-iss share-kee ," or Dance of the East.

The enigmatic art form was not dubbed as "belly dancing" until the Chicago World Exposition in While listening to the harmonious sound of the ud and marveling at the art form of belly dancing, Leila guests may also try another Middle Eastern tradition. Commonly known as the water pipe in America - it is also called shisha, nargile and hookah in other parts of the world - the arguileh are-gee-lay is a smoking device that consists of a bowl mounted on a vessel of water which is provided with a long tube and arranged so that smoke is drawn through the water where it is cooled, and sent up the tube to the mouth.

The tobacco is a smooth, molasses-fused blend with the fruitiness of apples, apricots, mint and cherries.National Library Week - Sample Press Release Edit copy as needed.

For release National Library Week April , Contact: (name, title, phone number) Lives change @ your library: celebrate National Library Week April (CITY, STATE) –This week, the [name of library] joins libraries in schools, campuses and communities nationwide.

How to Write a Non-Profit Press Release This is a guideline for how to write press releases for non-profit organizations. Press releases can be very helpful in spreading the word about community service or interfaith-related events.

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Sample Press Release Entity Logo For Immediate Release: October **, year, the Shine the Light on Domestic Violence campaign promotes the use of the color purple – long associated with domestic violence awareness – in creative ways throughout October to raise awareness of the issue and.

Sample Press Release. Fact Sheet for Nurse Week Discussion. Sample Calendar of Activities. Nurse Week Information. From bedside nursing in hospitals and long-term care facilities to the halls of research institutions, state legislatures, and Congress, the depth and breadth of the nursing profession is meeting the expanding health care needs.

When writing a news or press release, two new slang terms that I identified in my research as being part of ” Press releases are most questions about the release. A Sample Press Release.

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