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History[ edit ] Early forays into RISC architecture [ edit ] The first Power Macintosh models were released in Marchbut the development of Power Macintosh technology dates back to mid This separation included operating system development, with the newly-conceived " Pink " being the platform for the new computer. Jaguar was also not intended to be a high-volume, mainstream system. The company lacked the financial and manufacturing resources to produce a working product and the project was cancelled in

Strategy clock apple

The report has done in depth study and has examined the Macro, Micro and Internal business environment of the Apple Inc, which forms the Situational Analysis. Based on the situational analysis, by employing various standard tools and approaches the Strategic Development has been completed.

The Strategic development helped further to analyse and recommend the best possible strategic Strategy clock apple Apple Inc could go forbased on which a mission statement Strategy clock apple business objective has been proposed. A detailed implementation plan to carry out these objectives has been further planned along with help of Gantt chart to consider the dissemination plan.

In first part of report, the Situational Analysis of Apple has been conducted. This has considered the Macro and Internal business environment factors influencing the company. Moreover the report also takes into account the competitive positioning of Apple in the business industry.

After completing the TOWS matrix, which evaluated the threats and opportunities and the strategies which can be adopted based on them. Based on the Strategic Direction, the Strategic Methods has been discussed which helps in taking forward the strategic direction. After completing the three stages, the strategic directions and methods has been furthered evaluated using Suitability, Feasibility and Acceptability check.

The last part of the report has set mission statement and the business objectives based on proposed strategic directions and the methods for the time span of 5 years.

The detailed implementation plan to implement the strategies has been completed along with the Gantt chart which in turn sets time frames and the activities to be considered during the dissemination plan.

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It has considered the major stakeholders of the company who need to be involved and be taken into consideration while adopting any strategies as they are the key elements of the organisation. The company manufactures, designs and markets computer software, personal computers and consumer electronics.

The company pioneers in hardware products which include the Macintosh based computers, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad.

Strategy clock apple

Apple Inc is one of the largest companies in the world and has been rated as the most valued technological company. The company is known for its cutting edge technology and innovative products. The company operates stores globally and employs 46, full time employees.

The company is in one of the highly competitive market and to keep its steady growth and consolidate its business further considering the global economic conditions, this report presents the strategic directions and methods to Apple Inc.

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The report has taken into consideration every aspect of the business environment and the recommended strategic direction has been explained with the full implementation and dissemination plan. To analyse the macro environment of the Apple Inc. Furthermore, to complete the micro environment analysis, Resource audit and BCG along with GE matrix has been utilized.

The analysis of the macro environment helped to find out the threats and opportunities Apple is facing while, the micro environment analysis helped to find the strengths and weakness of the organisation. Based on the above analysis, SWOT structure has been prepared. In the end the TOWS matrix helped to find out the strategies needs to be adopted depending upon offensive or defensive strategy, See appendix 1.

Based on analysis done through TOWS matrix, it is suggested that the company should follow offensive strategy and enter the developing market aggressively. Being a pioneer in providing the best smart phones with the latest applications, it should target the customers more aggressively.

The company should utilize the goodwill it has created by building a high brand name and big loyal customer base. The company should cash on its high investments done in research and development and should produce products which are more acceptable in developing economies.

However, company should follow a defensive strategy now while dealing in developed economies where recession has increased the unemployment rate and increase in inflation has further burdened the consumers.

The company should try to manage its prices by following a better pricing strategy.

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Similarly, the company needs to do more investment in its distribution segment and open more stores in order to reach to more customers and markets, only then company will be able to increase its market share. The company also needs to invest further to counter the competition from competitors like Microsoft, Google, Sony and Samsung.

Apple should follow a defensive strategy while dealing with customers who asks for products compatible with other operating systems. As the competition in the smart phone market segment is bound to increase in coming days with the launch of new upgraded products from the competitors the company should continue to play offensive strategy by continuously launching new products and services and be the frontrunner in the latest technologies to keep an upper hand over its competitors, see appendix 1.BOWMAN’S STRATEGIC CLOCK Bowman’s strategy clock is a model used by a company while designing marketing strategy to analyse its competitive position in comparison to the offerings of competitors As with Porter's Generic Strategies, Bowman considers competitive advantage in relation to cost advantage or differentiation .

Apple Inc Bowmans Strategic Clock. Apple Computer, Inc. whose humble beginnings were borne from two high school friends, Steven Wozniak and Steven Jobs, is now based in Cupertino California and is a Fortune company.

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