Three factors that form individual ethics philosophy essay

Ethics and governance questions for an organisation Performance Objectives 1 Describe an occasion on which you had to demonstrate ethical behavior? In this regard, I may narrate an instance when I was conducting an audit of a listed client dealing in manufacturing industry. The client will face heavy plenty in this regard and I have all the information regarding this case. Due to which the market position of the client was Unpredictable.

Three factors that form individual ethics philosophy essay

Philosophy In Book 1 of Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle places forth 3 different types of life that man associates with joy - a servile life of pleasure which majority of people confuse with delighta sophisticated life of politics where man is designed for honour and higher divinity associated with smart menand finally, just how of intellectual speculation - what we know as contemplation.

In E book 10, Aristotle mentions that a life of contemplation is the greatest one and validates it by associating contemplative life start of delight and virtue.

I assume that Aristotle's arguments regarding life of contemplation are rationally reasonable and support it. While Aristotle argues that man can't be happy without being virtuous, it is equally proper to say that true virtue cannot be attained with out a certain amount of contemplation.

This further shows the point that in the current turbulent times, a specific amount of contemplation in life is necessary to achieve virtue and happiness in life. Life of contemplation - according to Aristotle's argument Aristotle takes the essential question on which kind of life do humans ought to lead and theorizes a life of contemplation is the optimum solution.

Three factors that form individual ethics philosophy essay

He bases his argument on the premise that the happiest life is one of high moral requirements and this such a life is most susceptible to a good degree of contemplation. We also note that as per Aristotle, such a life is bestowed to human beings rather than to any other form of life as humans are endowed with reasonable reasoning, virtue and a center that differentiates man and beasts.

Also, since man is a crossbreed of dog and God, he possesses the above mentioned rational part, as well as beastly part of uncontrolled actions and desires. Thus, Aristotle propagates seeking the 'fantastic mean' where man attacks a balance between rashness an excess of virtue and cowardice a deficit of virtue.

As against other varieties of activity such as politics and warfarewhere our thinking is aimed towards doing things we'd rather not do, contemplation is the experience that directs our thoughts to things we ought do at our leisure.

Aristotle goes on to state that "if joy consists in activity in accordance with virtue, it is reasonable that it should be activity relative to the best virtue; which would be the virtue of the greatest part of us" Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics trans. Thus, perfect enjoyment can be achieved only by way of a highest degree of virtue which highest part of virtue must be intellect or nous, that can be honed by means of speculative thinking or contemplation.

Thus, given a choice between moral virtue reasoning and intellectual virtue contemplationAristotle chooses the latter and justifies it by putting forward the idea it exercises the best part of man, and this on-going contemplation is the most self-sufficient and pleasantly virtuous activity, thus constituting the most complete form of contentment.

Aristotle thus provides his meaning as a result: One of the issues pointed out by those who oppose Aristotle's view is that kind of life is very difficult to lead in a world plagued with so much trouble and anguish.

Understanding this issue, Aristotle concedes, "But such a life would be too much for man; for it is not in so far as he's man that he will live so, however in so far as something divine exists in him.

William David RossBook 10, Sec 7. Thus, in situations where it isn't possible to exercise contemplation, man can forego this for a secondary and less divine form of moral ideals.

Three factors that form individual ethics philosophy essay

One of the biggest questions is whether Aristotle's theory is applicable in today's point of view where there is a lot suffering around us. Detractors of his theory further contain the view that to be able to attain the point out of supreme contentment, the troubled around man should be greatly reduced.

Because it is impossible to achieve this, achieving the highest form of contentment through contemplation cannot be possible in modern-day times. So, while those against his view argue that contemplation emanating from prefect enjoyment and highest virtue is a mirage in current world full of terror, enduring and gloom, Aristotle dispels this theory by arguing that while admittedly it is difficult to attain supreme contentment through contemplation and highest virtue, we can still succeed by striking an effective balance between a contemplative life and a life of virtuous action.

Conclusion So, I really believe, to justify Aristotle's support of considering a life of contemplation as the best one, as a life of contemplation denotes highest form of pleasure and divine virtue, one which a blessed man is endowed with.

Also, a contemplative life enables us to achieve the highest degree of virtue necessary to lead a properly happy life. Aristotle's debate further detects support in the fact that since a life of contemplation is positioned on the best plane by Aristotle, it means man is most blessed by gods if he strives to lead a contemplative life, and so achieve perfect happiness and virtue, both of which are divine capabilities.

Unlike other activities, contemplation involves logical thinking and doing exercises mans' highest faculties, which can be an end in itself.

This aligns with the ultimate judgment suggested by Aristotle in Reserve 10 of Nicomachean Ethics, as to what takes its supremely happy life. Since Aristotle argues that enjoyment is the first process from which our inquiry will boost, it supports the bottom argument that contentment can be achieved through virtue, which in turn, could be performed through contemplation.

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This then becomes a stepping rock to leading a virtuous and happy life. While, this may not be the exact purpose of Aristotle's contemplative life, it is the best we can perform in today's turbulent times, where obtaining contemplation - and in turn perfect pleasure - is a mirage.

Also We Can Offer!Three Factors That Form Individual Ethics School of thought Essay Searle PLUS THE Robot Reply Viewpoint Essay Tasks theory of argumentation, persuasion, as the subject of.  Ethics Essay ETH/ Ethics Essay Ethics has been used as a basis of human morals from Greek times to today’s hectic and fast paced society culture; it is based on a number of factors both of a personal and cultural aspect focusing on a people’s conception of right and wrong.

Life of contemplation - according to Aristotle's argument

Either way philosophers use logic, critical thinking, and. WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON. Factors That Influence Individual Ethics.

Factors that influence individual ethics. This paper is discussing about the factors that form an individual ethics. The three factors are family influences, peer influences and situational factors. This article offers an overview of issues in the philosophy of architecture.


Central issues include foundational matters regarding the nature of: to include considerations of ethics, social and political philosophy, and philosophical reflections on psychology and the behavioral sciences.

There are three typical candidate modalities of. The new form, i.e the novel is about certain realistic people living in a certain society and not about fanciful characters, supermen or monsters. On the contrary, the characters are ‘individualized’: which means that every individual, person or character (ordinary or extraordinary) is independent from other individuals.

Factors That Form a Person’s Individual Ethics Essay Ethics are behaviour and act of a person, a study of proper thought and conduct; how we should behave. Ethics are disciplines of morally acceptable conduct of individuals, which also includes moral duty and social obligations to other individuals and society.

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